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Our friendly staff is here to help you with all your mortgage needs. We will use our expertise to find the right program for you.
Douglas Fiess
Direct:   (253) 893-7137
Email:   Doug@kielmortgage.com
NMLS #: 914905
Harry Chriest
Toll Free:   (888) 778-KIEL
Email:   harry@kielmortgage.com
NMLS #: WA & CA- 96705
Kenneth Castro
Toll Free:   (888) 988-5435
Email:   ken@kielmortgage.com
NMLS #: CA: 340442/BRE-01158129
Ric Harter
Toll Free:   (888) 778-5435 Ext. 5251
Email:   ric@kielmortgage.com
NMLS #: 964644
Terrence Hollingsworth
Toll Free:   (888) 778-KIEL
Email:   terrence@kielmortgage.com
NMLS #: 117622
Tim Madrid
Mortgage Advisor
Toll Free:   (888) 778-5435
Email:   tim.madrid@kielmortgage.com
Website: http://www.kielmortgage.com
NMLS #: 1509674


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